Animage provides FIDEX digital CT/DR/Fluoroscopy system for Stent Implantation training in Las Vegas

Animage LLC will partner with Dextronix for the upcoming tracheal & urethral stent implantation training in Las Vegas. Animage will provide their advanced FIDEX digital CT/DR/Fluoroscopy system and participants will also train using FIDEX besides conventional imaging systems.

Fidex is a unique three-modality diagnostic imaging system designed specifically for companion animal veterinary practice and research laboratories. Fidex combines into a single machine: computed tomography (CT), digital radiography (DR), and fluoroscopy. Fidex can also be configured as a one-, or two-modality system. Fidex’s combination of these modalities into one machine conserves valuable space and financial resources, as well as energy and other operational expenses, thus making the clinical and economic advantages of in-house CT capability vastly more achievable.