Information for Pet Owners

Our pets live the lifestyle of their human companions and, through the advancements in healthcare and nutrition, their life expectancy is increasing. As a consequence, many pets are developing health problems that humans often encounter in their later years of life.

Many dogs and cats suffer from debilitating heart failure, diabetes or respiratory or urological problems as they age. Dextronix offers a variety of technology-based solutions that have their foundation in human medicine and will assist veterinarians with selecting the best technology for each case. Together, with the latest advanced technologies derived from human medicine, we can improve the quality of your pet’s life.

Below you will find more information about our products and the condition your pet may suffer from. We work with many veterinary specialists and they may tell you that they want to or already use our products. If your pet has received one of our devices, feel free to give us a feedback. We are here to help but also like to hear from clients  about their first hand experience.

My pet has been treated with a Dextronix product and I would like to provide a feedback