• Professional but Easy to Use

    Developed for cardiologists and critical care specialists in mind

  • Network ready

    Operates equally well on large hospital networks as on individual computers. Thanks to effective data compression rates even very large recordings can be transmitted fast and safely. Optional server upload function provides additional comfort for telemedicine users.

  • Saving valuable Time

    The built-in template analysis and automated report generation features save valuable time and cost.

  • High Performance

    Live streaming and automated online ECG analysis enable emergency and critical care specialists to monitor up to 21 patients in parallel.

  • All-in-One Solution

    CardioExplorer combines very competent patient data management, the latest in ECG and HRV analysis algorithms with the comfort of wireless technology.

Detailed Features

CardioExplorer for PC with XP, Windows 7 or 8.
– Multi-client network solution with Bluetooth interface
– Patient data administration with various filter and sort functions
– Use local and server based automated Microsoft word templates
– Or print PDF  & automated report generation
– Click and mark entire elements for automatically generated report
– Define and generate entire reports per mouse-click from templates
– Import/export and integrated data archive/back-up

Online Control and Monitoring:
– Wireless programming & controlling of multiple recorders in parallel
– Patient online monitoring and instant live ECG screening
– Automated patient supervision with adjustable alarm settings
– Instant online ECG analysis enables real-time classification of recorded data
– Individual customization of  analysis parameter per recorder
– Flexible program settings for research purposes enabling data set comparison

Offline Analysis:
– Direct access to all events
– Template analysis with drag & drop
– Full screen view and scroll function
– Online screening, trend, morphology
– Reclassification, trend & HRV analysis
– Analyze heart rate variability over time and over frequency range
– Saved ECG data will be displayed in a summary screen providing initial event overview
– Edit, group and summarize various signals into complex morphologies
– Easily re-classify signals, groups and single ECG signal traces
– View QRS-complex groups displayed as 3D graphics to verify your results
– Trend analysis displays HR frequency, RR times and ST variations over time for select time windows or entire recorded ECG
– Interesting sections can be selected via mouse-click and instantly analyzed
– Full disclosure: Visualize the entire recording in the overview screen
– Mark suspicious signal traces per mouse-click to see the related sequence in the separate ECG-window
– Play entire ECGs with the full screen function or flip to pages one by one
– All standard parameter will be calculated and summarized for the report
– Export all ECG raw data/RR-times for additional analysis into HRV scanner or Kubios-HRV


CardioExplorer is the sophisticated and easy to use software for use with VET-Scout and VET-ECG.
CardioExplorer controls the wireless recorders and analyzes uploaded Holter data. The software operates on any Windows PC based platform and can be used as stand alone or network solution. In a multi-client network environment users can create their own individual report and profile. All data can be easily shared or uploaded to a server.

Experienced users typically analyze a complete 24-hour Holter in 30 min or less thanks to the comfortable template analysis tool and automated report generator.

ICU operators can manage multiple recorders live and in parallel. Depending on computer resources up to 21 recorders can be displayed.

CardioExplorer also supports clinical research with specific marker functions that permit complete control over all events.