• No need of other retraction methods

    With DexLifter-TP there is no need of other retraction methods that require an extra port, thus reducing the incision associated risks and improving the cosmetic result for the patient.

  • Single crossing

    DexLifter-TP requires only a single crossing of the abdominal wall.

  • Better control

    DexLifter-TP can replace the Uterine Manipulation in selected procedures, minimizing the Uterine Cannulation associated risks while giving the surgeon better control of the surgical field with his own hands.

  • Improved Visibility

    DexLifter-TP can be used to suspend the following organs: Uterus, Ovaries, Sigmiod Colon, Peritoneum, Stomach, Gall bladder and Bladder.

DexLifter-TP is a disposable retractor used to lift organs during laparoscopic procedures.

It creates more space in the abdomen, improves visibility during the operation and helps the surgeon achieve a better surgical outcome.

Thanks to its soft and large contact surface and equal pressure distribution design, DexLifter-TP allows to apply up to 2 Kg (4.4 lb) of force, in order to suspend and manipulate the organ with more force in a safely manner.

TPL05A180   DexLifter-TP lap. retractor with 5 cm needle, 18cm thread, 5 mm   min trocar size, 20 devices/box
TPL10A180   DexLifter-TP lap. retractor with 5 cm needle, 18cm thread, 10 mm min trocar size, 20 devices/box
TPL05X180   DexLifter-TP lap. retractor with 6.5 cm needle, 18cm thread, 5 mm trocar size, 20 devices/box
TPLSK01        DexLifter-TP Starter Kit incl. 4x TPL10A180, 4x TPL05A180, 2x TPL05X180, 10 devices/box

All products are sterile and for single use only.