Stents for cats and dogs

Self-expandable Nitinol stents can now be provided by Dextronix at affordable prices for the use in dogs and cats. These stents are exclusively made for use in small animals but conform to the rigorous standards found in human medicine. Tracheal Nitinol stents for dogs and Nitinol/ Polyurethane stents for the treatment of urethral/ureter obstructions in dogs and cats are currently available.

A stent is a small plastic tube or a metal wire mesh that is deployed to relieve a constriction or blockage in a flow passage. Stents are used to treat a wide variety of conditions, providing relief from severe pain and improving the quality of life of your pet. For example, a tracheal stent will prevent a compromised trachea (windpipe) from collapsing while the dog is at rest. An urethral stent will help to drain the bladder of a cat with, for instance, a malignant urethral obstruction. No matter of life- saving or palliative therapy, a stent can provide a significant pain relief to a pet. Now available from Dextronix are stents in various sizes that are designed and manufactured exclusively for use in small animals but made with the same premium quality as found in stents for human medicines.

Pacemakers for dogs

The latest technology in pacemakers is now available for pets. Dextronix offers fully automatic, rate responsive pacemaker systems that meet the rigorous quality assurance standards of human medicine but are small enough for use in dogs. Implantable single and dual chamber pulse generators with active and passive fixation pacing electrodes along with external programmers are available solely for use in veterinary applications.

Our pets live the lifestyle of their human companions and, through the advancements in healthcare and nutrition, their life expectancy is increasing. As a consequence, many pets are developing health problems that humans often encounter in their later years of life.

Many dogs and cats suffer from debilitating heart failure, diabetes or respiratory or urological problems as they age. Dextronix offers a variety of technology-based solutions that have their foundation in human medicine and will assist veterinarians with selecting the best technology for each case. Together, with the latest advanced technologies derived from human medicine, we can improve the quality of your pet’s life.

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