Drainage Catheter Set

The catheter design for the DexCath-N drainage catheter set will greatly improves the two-step nephrostomy procedures for small animals. The current design comes in just the right length for dogs and cats and has a conical and well dilating tip.  Safe drainage is assured with the well sized perforation/ eyes located on the inside of the pigtail radius.

DexCath-N is made of highly elastic non-kinking Polyurethane of great tensile strength. The material is biocompatible, overal radiopaque and excellent in long-term usage.

Each DexCath-N set contains the pigtail catheter with straightener, luer-locks, 18G -20cm cannula with puncture and 0.035″ x 70cm guide wire-J shaped. Supplied sterile.

Length x Diameter


26 cm x 8 Fr