Reocor – Temporary External Pacemaker

Intuitive Design, Complete Reliability

Our partner BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of providing high-quality therapy solutions. They cultivate the necessary expertise regarding clinical challenges to provide state-of-the-art technology with precise performance and highly reliable results. Reocor offers complete reliability in emergencies and for temporary patient care. Combining proven features with optimized handling, Reocor sets a new standard in external pacing therapy.


  • High quality design based on 25 years of experience provides unsurpassed reliability in every situation: emergencies; temporary care of pacemaker-dependent patients; before, during, and after surgical intervention; and selection of a suitable pacemaker for pediatric cardiology
  • Reliable, robust and designed for easy handling
  • Extended longevity of up to 25 days of permanent pacing therapy and back-up power supply during battery replacement
  • Easy to learn and to remember: one dial per parameter allows for quick parameter adjustment and displays programmed settings at a glance
  • High-pacing outputs and high-pacing rates for a broad range of patients