Biomonitor-III Implantable Loop Recorder

Implantable Arrhythmia Monitor

Maximized Precision.

Every year, more and more canine patients could benefit from receiving ICMs – all of which must be actively managed, creating an additional workload for everyone involved. BIOMONITOR III is the ICM that delivers both an easy injection procedure and efficient post-procedure monitoring, and BIOTRONIKs unique BIOvector design provides clear signals for easier evaluation and a better-informed diagnosis. With BIOMONITOR III Vital Data Sensor, veterinary cardiologists can easily conduct long-time patient monitoring in active dogs. BIOMONITOR III can be programmed and interrogated via RENAMIC programmers used for pacemaker implantation.

Injection Procedure in Less Than One Minute
No need for unnecessarily complicated delivery tool assemblies. Eliminates time consuming and potentially costly multi-step procedures.

Unique BIOvector Design
The BIOvector provides high signal amplitudes; the fractal coating increases the sensing surface area, and the unique lossless compression algorithm enhances the clarity of the signals.

One-Step Injection.
BIOMONITOR III comes ready to inject, pre-loaded into a single piece injection tool for one-step injection.

  • Combines pocket creation and ICM injection into a one-step procedure – taking only seconds to administer.
  • The FIT OneStep injection tool provides an ideal pocket to accommodate the device securely and easily.
  • The injection procedure allows for several wound closure techniques to be used, including the use of tissue adhesives.
  • BIOMONITOR III fits a variety of dog body sizes. It has a small footprint – 60% smaller than its predecessor – and a flexible (bendable) antenna, helping to make it more comfortable and cosmetically preferred for canine patients.

High Quality Signal. Easy Rhythm Classification.
BIOMONITOR III’s combination of our BIOvector design, the fractal coating on its sensing surface area, and a smart lossless compression algorithm deliver high amplitude signal quality.

  • Higher signal quality reduces the impact of noise and artifact, reduces ambiguity in analysis, and improves the efficiency of provider diagnosis.
  • Clear P-wave and R-wave visibility supports faster, more confident ECG evaluation.
  • Low noise also contributes to ECG clarity, which in turn can lead to easier and quicker rhythm classification.

Intelligent Memory Management ensures that the detection of both overlapping arrhythmia episodes and patient triggered episodes are stored, with corresponding ECGs always available for evaluation.

  • Overwriting older, more relevant episodes with newer, less relevant data makes classification more difficult. Intelligent Memory Management minimizes this risk, by retaining the most clinically valid episodes.
  • When an AF episode is ongoing during transmission, the monitor saves both its onset episode and duration.

Industry-Leading ICM Longevity

BIOMONITOR III has alongevity of 5.5 years. We assume that the device is explanted and reused multiple times to justify the relatively steep system price in veterinary medicine. It is also 1.5T and 3.0T full-body MR conditional with no post-injection waiting period limitations. Patient-provider engagement is further enhanced by BIOMONITOR IIIm Patient App which can be used to check device status, record symptoms, and also serve as a digital patient ID card.6

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