Covered Urethral Stents

The all new DexStent-UN2 is a newly developed self-expanding stent system for the treatment of urethral obstructions in a dogs and cats. The braided Nitinol stent is completely covered with a Dextronix proprietary polymer film to ensure optimal performance. The double-coated film is super elastic but also sufficiently strong to slow or even prevent tumor in-growth into the lumen of the urethral stent, therefore decreasing the chances of re-obstruction. The use of a braided instead of a laser-cut stent structure offers several significant advantages for the operator during stent placement including the ability to re-constrain prior to deployment allowing for stent re-positioning.

The coaxial delivery system is based on the same system used in our  tracheal stents(DexStent-TN)

and has the same safety features  and ease of deployment seen in those stents.

Stent: Braided cell design, soft for excellent bending flexibility

Delivery system:  85 cm standard, 120 cm on request; 8 French diameter.

Available sizes

06 mm x 40 mm

06 mm x 50 mm

06 mm x 60 mm

06 mm x 80 mm

08 mm x 50 mm

08 mm x 60 mm

08 mm x 80 mm

10 mm x 60 mm

10 mm x 80 mm

12 mm x 50 mm

12 mm x 60 mm

12 mm x 80 mm

other diameters on request