Stone Retrieval Baskets

Dextronix is offering a variety of retrieval baskets and extractors for ureterorenoscopic stone extraction. The Dextronix stone baskets are made for use in the lower pole calyx kidney and bladder stone extraction and are designed with focus on small animals.
The tipless basket has no sharp edges and the 4-wire basket configuration provides an optimal closing function. The use of Nitinol makes the shaft very kink resistant and allows the basket to be opened even when the shaft is bent around a tight angle. Nitinol as the material of choice also provides superior pull/pressure stability of the basket and secures high opening force for the basket in the ureter. The comfortable handle allows for good control and is intended for one-hand-use.

Every set includes the one stone retrieval basket system including handle, supplied sterile, for single use only.

Atraumatic tipless basket

Diameter x Length x Basket Diameter
1.8 Fr x 120 cm x 12 mm  tipless
2.5 Fr x 90 cm x 16 mm  straight with tip
2.5 Fr x 90 cm x 16 mm helical with tip

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