Portable Implant Pacemaker Programmer and monitoring device

Quality Redefined

Renamic is a Portable Implant Pacemaker Programmer and monitoring device.It is the result of intensive collaboration between BIOTRONIK engineers and clinicians, and is ideally suited for daily clinical practice with implanted cardiac devices.

Selected models are equipped with a GSM, UMTS or a WIFI module which enables over the air software updates and wandless interrogation of patients with a compatible pacemaker or loop-recorder implanted (Dextronix US customers only, manual updates in all other countries). 

Renamic is specific to and required for interrogation and programming of Dextronix/BIOTRONIK implantable pacemakers and loop recorders. Renamic will not work other brands.

Dextronix provided Renamic units are -refurbished- because new systems would cost north of $25-50k depending on specification. The units we sell are heavily subsidized and most models look new or have very minimal cosmetic defects that do not interfere with usability. All systems are under warranty provided by Dextronix and will be serviced by Dextronix.

Wandless telemetry 

select models only

Built-in PSA

Pacing System Analyzer, optional

User-centered, ergonomic design 

for easy and efficient implantable cardiac device programming and follow-up

Ergonomic screen adjustability

Real time display

Data storage and printing of up to 3 ECG leads 
(surface ECG - Einthoven, esophagus lead and up to 3 intracardiac leads).

Integrated thermo-printer

A short description of this great feature.

Compact built for easy transport and storage

Pacing System Analyzer, optional