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Medical products used by leading animal clinics and veterinary colleges worldwide

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Delivering Veterinary Equipment Around the World

Dextronix designs and develops sophisticated medical devices for veterinary use in small and large animals. Our clients are specialists in veterinary medicine including cardiology, interventional radiology, surgery, emergency and critical care. Our products are used by leading animal clinics and veterinary colleges worldwide.

The digital wireless cardiac monitors comprise the latest in technology and innovation; the pacemakers offer the same performance and features as human pacemakers and the implantable stents and surgical instruments are carefully designed to meet the anatomic requirements of cats, dogs, horses and certain exotic animals.

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Dextronix works to bring Value to Pet Owners

All of our products are made in France and Germany, and adhere to the rigorous quality and manufacturing standards found in human medicine.

We partner with the leading manufacturers in human medicine for the production of our veterinary devices and  veterinary equipment.  This gives us control, not only over design and performance, but also cost, therefore making our products more affordable than alternatives. 

Dextronix veterinary medical devices and veterinary equipment are designed to improve the health of companion animals and therefore enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

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Affordable Implantable Medical Devices for Animals

Dextronix creates affordable implantable medical devices for the exclusive use in veterinary medicine. The company’s initial focus was on the treatment of heart disease in dogs with permanent implantable pacemaker systems. Dextronix then also offers selected stent and catheter products to treat a variety of problems in cats and dogs. Since 2013 Dextronix expanded into wireless digital diagnostic monitoring equipment with focus on cardiology, airway management and urology.

Our products are designed to improve the health of companion animals and therefore enriching the lives of pets and their owners. Utilizing well-established technologies and quality standards from the human medical device industry assures that our products are of the highest quality and reliability.

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