Wireless Automated ICU-Telemetry Systems 

for In-Clinic and Mobile Monitoring

Dextronix patient monitors are designed for automation, ease of use and high reliability to ensure doctors can focus on their patients. In critical care medicine, every moment counts. Our ICU telemetry systems offer guaranteed wireless connectivity combined with long range. Very small-sized, wearable transmitters record a wide range of parameters. Designed for use inside ICU displaying up to 20 patients in parallel from a central screen and on the go when using e.g. a Windows Surface Pad. Customers can choose  from two software variants: feature rich and highly customizable CardioExplorer-TT or our new fully automated CardioExplorer-M even untrained personal can easily use.

Reduces the areas to be shaved and the risk or cable detachments

The patient-worn transmitters are available as VET-Scout with lead-cables and as DexSmart leadless skin patch. Attaching directly to the skin reduces the areas to be shaved and the risk or cable detachments while adding creature comfort. The transmitters connect to our proprietary long range antenna system that can be scaled from room-size up to 1 km in open space.

Up to 20 patients

CardioExplorer monitoring software displays the received data for up to 20 patients in parallel. Default settings, autostart and preset functions ensure any new patient gets on the screen fast. On the other end, a level of customization allows for a large variety of viewing and alarm parameter modes. While the transmitters automatically save all recorded data for full download and analysis, e.g. as Holter, CardioExplorer also automatically saves the online received data for later review and pdf printing helping the care team to always stay on top of every cardiac event.

VET-Scout Quickstart Guide
DexSmart QuickStart Guide

Manuals and Sample Reports

Very Miniaturized Transmitters

These are currently the smallest patient-worn multi-parameter transmitters in the market

Designed to save you Time

Highly automated functions set you free to care about your patients

Staying Connected is Vital

Antenna range will cover your ICU area. Optional WiFi upgrade will extend range throughout clinic. Up to 1km range outside or horse barn. Guaranteed automatic reconnect when patient returns from outside

Use the Power of the smallest Lithium-ion Batteries

Long lasting recording times in Holter and ICU mode. Continue recordings automatically after battery change

Very versatile CardioExplorer Software

Fully Automated, easy to use Monitoring Software. Or interchange with advanced version that includes Holter Analysis suite for experienced users.

Wearable Patch - no more Cables needed

DexSmart2 is the currently the only leadless transmitter recording 3 channel ECG, Breathing, Motion, and Skin Temperature directly attaching to the skin. Or use VET-Scout with cables.

Highly Customizable and Scalable

Easy adjust displayed parameters and alarms for each patient. Never loose data again. Automate print PDF and save event- and full disclosure reports (select software variants)

Optimized Online Window

Watch up to 20 patients in parallel. Automated alarms and screens views. Highlight critical parameter values. Easy marker setting. Clever trend windows

System details and core functions

List of System Functions

Parameters and features vary depending on transmitter and software combination:
Simultaneous 1,2,3 -channel ECG acquisition and display, customizable
Lead-2 with lead placement on patient side chest (DexSmart)
Respiratory/Breathing with Goertzel algorithm
3-axis motion recording displayed as combined load canal for artifact and fall detection
Skin surface temperature sensing to detect infections and fevers
Automatic ECG trace offset and baseline correction to prevent wavering
Large numeric display of heart rate, respiratory and battery charge status
Up to 6 or 20 patients monitored in parallel depending on antenna configuration
Wireless range obstacle depending up to 1km
Automated transmitter connect and guaranteed automatic reconnect after signal loss
Signal disconnect alarm
Continuous recording saved inside transmitter in high resolution for USB download for Holter analysis
Automatic reuse of preprogrammed parameter settings or
Manual customize each patient views and alarm settings
Easy Patient name labeling on for each transmitter and on display
Manual start or automated start with QRS detection
Invert ECG trace button
Manual adjust signal amplitude size
Manual move ECG trace inside online window
Turn on/off viewing of ECG traces and other streamed parameters
Heart rate and ST-trend windows
Magnified current beat window
Automatic detection, analysis and interpretation of each beat displayed in online window
Easy marker setting
All detected events and alarms can be seen in window with print and measure functions.
Default and customizable parameters for Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Pauses, PVCs, and more.
Advanced medication marker and timing window for medical studies
High & low bandpass filters to eliminate background noises (bad electrode connection, small vs large animal, muscle)
Baseline filter to eliminate noise from computer power supply
Oversized T-wave correction to eliminate beat double counting (Sensitivity control)
Full disclosure screen of entire recorded ECG with manual print function
Automated Alarm and event report save to PDF function
Automated full disclosure and event report save to PDF function
Sidebar listing all alarms and cardiac events, all visible and printable individually
Audible and visual color change for alarms

Every ICU telemetry kit includes all necessary things required to operate the system including the transmitter(s), CardioExplorer software for Windows 7,8,10,11,  USB-antenna set with AMBU skin electrode starter kit. Every transmitter set contains single battery chargers, batteries (and USB download cable (DexSmart2-W only))  Please select the configuration you want from the options displayed in the webshop.

Available for download: CardioExplorer for use with USB antenna kit. Requires antenna kit to function. A free Android app to monitor single patients is also available for download from our webshop

Our general sales and warranty terms apply, see our website to download the current version.
Longevity: We expect VET-Scout transmitters to last up to 5-10 years with daily use. Built-in battery can be replaced, separate repair fees may apply. DexSmart transmitter batteries are AAA format and can be purchased from our webstore. DexSmart battery operational use time varies but typically last one year. DexSmart transmitter electronics may last 10 years or longer with good care.

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty beginning upon date of delivery, not including gross negligence, user error, loss, animal damage, excessive wear and tear or abuse.

Software updates: We frequently provide free safety updates, glitch fixes and add new features throughout entire product life cycle. Not included are entire new software developments.

Tech Support: Free online tech support on request, response time not guaranteed. Additional online and onsite tech support services can be purchased separately.

Users can download the software from our website and follow the easy instructions to install the system. Alternatively, our team will send you software download links on request to install on your computers and ship the unit including all accessories. Setup is self-guided or our tech support will talk you through and provide free training.

You can install CardioExplorer on as many Windows 10,11 computers as you wish. Simply move the included USB antenna stick to make it work. The antenna requires separate download and installation of a driver software.

VET-Scout: Inserting the lead cable will start the transmitter and send the ECG data to CardioExplorer or Android tablet/phone to display. It will remember your device and automatically connect or re-connect every time.
DexSmart: Inserting the battery will start and connect the transmitter to CardioExplorer or Android tablet/phone to display. It will remember your device and automatically connect or re-connect every time.

User can program transmitters for autostart, manual start or timed start. All data will be saved for USB download and if connected send for live-viewing to CardioExplorer or Multi-ECG Android app.

CardioExplorer software works on Windows 7,8,10,11 laptops, desktops and Surface pads with at least 8GB memory and preferentially a fast Intel processor i5 or higher with 500GB primary disk-drive. Windows7 is no longer supported by us or Microsoft. Apple MacOS users can operate CardioExplorer inside a VM (virtual machine). Computer must be connected to the internet to receive software updates and glitch fixes or for online tech support from us using Teamviewer.
Virus scanners and backup software operating in the background may slow down or hinder CardioExplorer from functioning properly. So does any other software pulling many resources, e.g. video camera monitoring or scheduling dashboards.
Software must be installed on main hard drive with Admin rights for all users to function properly. We encourage the use of fast and modern computers, we highly discourage the use of mini under-the-table boxes that are underpowered and obscure our antenna.

We will provide a USB connected short or long range antenna kit that has to connect to the computer. CardioExplorer will not work without the antenna inserted. The antenna cannot be placed in a hidden. obscured area, e.g. under a table, behind a refrigerator or any other place that will reduce/infringe on the range. We have tested the range and connectivity on the most common cage systems sold in the veterinary industry including built-in concrete wall and oxygen cages with good results. If problems occur they are almost always caused by a blocked antenna or a underpowered computer that cannot process the datastream intime for display.

We recommend and even provide on request large-screen AIO (All-in-One) Desktop computers that can be mounted a the wall to ensure good visibility inside the ICU area. CardioExplorer can also extend the primary screen to a HDMI wired, wireless or casted (Chrome and similar sticks) screen. Microsoft 10,11 built-in display settings enable screen mirroring to share online ECG data with other users on the same network. Teamviewer and other services provide remote control access from afar. We are heavily biased towards Teamviewer software.

Techsupport: We provide a "Help-me" button via Teamviewer enabling the user to connect with our tech team 24/7. Your computer must be connected to the internet to receive help. Most issues can be resolved with an update. Broken hardware can be overnighted (US only).

CardioExplorer software depends on a frequently updated and cared for operating system that also includes regular updates from us. We will inform you when necessary.

CardioExplorer and our transmitters are for professional use only. We are happy to train anyone online via Teamviewer. However, we will not provide medical/veterinary assistance or consulting, here we partner with very experienced specialists, please inquire.

> Does it work on cats?
Yes! In particular small animals benefit from DexSmart leadless patch because of the small area to be shaved and absence of cables. We recommend DexSmart2 for use with cats in combination with BlueSensor-N electrodes. AMBU BlueSensor-N deliver excellent signal capture while not sticking too strong to sensitive cat skin.

> On how many computers can we install the software?
The number of software installations is not limited or restricted. Feel free to download on all of your computers that are compatible with the software and move the antenna stick around to make CardioExplorer work.

> Can we run CardioExplorer in different rooms?
You will need additional USB antenna sticks requiring additional license purchases. Then you can monitor patients in rooms too far apart to be covered by one antenna.

>  How many patients can be displayed with CardioExplorer?
Up to 20 in parallel for live-streaming. If more are needed, install CardioExplorer on a second computer.

> What is the max range antenna range?
Every wireless connection is only as good as the two radio antennae inside the transmitters. In our case at least 1km in the open space without obstruction and at least covering the entire ICU area. Range goes beyond the primary room inside buildings but fades with any metal in doors, walls, tables and lead liners (x-ray areas). We tested the usual metal cages including oxygen cages to ensure compliance.

> What happens when the the signal is lost/patient disconnected?
In automatic mode, the patient will come online again the moment it is back in reach, sometimes it takes a few seconds delayed by Microsoft, in manual mode user can click on the transmitter button to force reconnection. When signal is lost all data is saved in transmitter for later download.

> How do we place the electrodes and transmitters?
Please see the respective manuals for the transmitters. DexSmart attaches directly to the skin using BlueSensor one-time-use electrode pads made by AMBU forming a triangle on the left or right side of the rib cage. The lead cables for VET-Scout attach on the rib-cage forming a triangle. Vet-Scout transmitter is then stuffed into a shirt or mounted on the back of the animal.

> What is the difference between the transmitter models?
User can can choose from three different models that all share the same electronics, recording functions and features.
Black DexSmart2 is waterproof with 12 hours online time in ICU mode (3 days as Holter). Ideal for clinics with 4-6 transmitters per station using the multicharger.
White DexSmart2 has a mechanical USB port and therefore not waterproof designed for Holter users with no need for many transmitters.
Vet-Scout3 used lead cables, has a built-in battery delivering a longer 24 hr online and 7 day Holter recording time.

> What is the Multi-charger good for?
We recently developed the Multi-charger for as an accessory with DexSmart2. Users can charge the DexSmart2 transmitters without removing the battery as with older DexSmart. This makes it easier to use. The Multi-charger can also download a Holter recording from one of the 4 charging stations. Several multi-chargers can be stacked together to create larger arrays using only one power brick.

> What is the max heart rate it can display?
While originally designed for humans the software has been adjusted to display very fast paced animals. We use a FDA compliant calibrated simulator to measure the accuracy of the system but the simulators only go to 650 beats/min. Anything above will be displayed but not guaranteed.

> What if the Bluetooth connection is interrupted during monitoring?
The transmitter will save the data inside as a safety feature and even if all is lost it can be downloaded via USB. The live display will resume when connection is restored.

> How many patients can the database handle?
We have customers with 20,000 or more recordings and several thousand patients, your system or network drive sets the limit. PDF only is a few MB. Full data download using USB will record 100MB per 24 hrs.

> How long will the Lithium battery last in VET-Scout?
Longevity: We expect VET-Scout to have an operational use for 7-10 years with daily use and proper care. Battery can be replaced by us, repair charges apply.

> How long will the Lithium battery last in DexSmart?
DexSmart batteries are external and can be replaced opening the screw cap. They should be replaced once a year and cost very little. Otherwise the system will last until you break or lose it.

> Can we mix transmitters?
While not recommended you can mix VET-Scout with DexSmart transmitters on the same installation. There is no difference in recorded or displayed functions. VET-scout has a longer but built-in battery. DexSmart can only live-stream for 12 hours but battery swap will enable "endless" monitoring.

> How many users do you have?
We have several hundred clinical installations of the CardioExplorer ICU version in human and veterinary medicine.

If you have a limited budget and want the newest electronic technology, a high level of automation, and you think patient-worn transmitters are a good idea, then you will like our platform. You can choose from traditional VET-Scout transmitter with lead cables, or use the leadless DexSmart patches. Or mix both.

The basic installation is designed for use in a large ICU room or area. The displayed information can be duplicated on additional screens with a network client solution available later in 2023, then we can stream directly into your WiFi network. Because the transmitter is attached to the patient, they can move freely and while on the move be monitored using the Multi-ECG Android app.

Most of our clients are in-clinic critical care specialists. All of our customers are out-performers, very skilled, excellent and like technology.

Check out the Compare Heart Monitors below!

The pro setup is optimized for up to 6 patients per software and has to most versatile functionality but also requires more training and user competence. Alternatively, use our new CardioExplorer-Monitoring software CE-M which is highly automated, very easy to use and designed to monitor up to 20 patients in parallel.

If you have to cover a large or rooms or different levels inside your building you need to purchase more antenna systems from us which cost extra money. The patient will automatically connect when moving from one to the next area and their live-stream data will be shown in the area they are connected to but not on the centralized screen of the ICU.

Our system is not for you if you prefer a cage-side mounted transmitter with cables that can record parameters we currently do not offer. While we are developing new devices to show additional vital parameters, we currently only offer ECG, Respiratory, Skin surface temperature, activity motion, HR including alarms.

Our system is not for you if your computers are offline and not connected to the internet. This will make it very difficult for our tech team to install, train and trouble shoot your installation.

Our system is not for you if you are not getting along with modern technology and electronics, despise smart phones, computers and anything that wants to get charged in a while and coerces you to get online.

Unlike most human medical platforms sold into veterinary medicine we very frequently update our software and hardware and implement many animal health only features and functions not available in human medicine.
Our main differentiators are:
> Body worn transmitters that are the smallest in the industry
> Patients can move around outside the ICU area while being monitored
> Transmitters recording multi-parameters that are not one-time use wearables, saving money and planet
> Tested and proven wireless range for secure live-transmission
> Guaranteed auto-reconnect if a patient was out of range (e.g. walking outside)
> Flexible use inside clinic with CardioExplorer and Android app while on the move
> High level of automation to free up user to focus on more stringent tasks
> Robust product design tested to meet military standards
> Using our proprietary Bluetooth antenna technology makes us independent from Microsoft and other operating system caused  shenanigans

The products we sell are all new, manufactured by and for us in Germany. Unlike other offerings, they are not refurbished or "factory new" what ever that means but we envision here a collection of spare parts put together after removing dust bins.
The products we sell are also made of the newest electronic components and not made of obsolete components, a term hampering the manufacturing industry. This ensure we have enough spare parts for the years to come.
The products we sell come with proper technical support. Although online only.. nobody will visit your clinic in person.. online tech support using very secure Teamviewer remote access technology ensures quick, sometimes instant response times (no waiting for a rep to visit) and low cost (no travel cost hidden in a service plan)

While Dextronix Heart Monitoring products are tested and comply with FCC, FDA, CE and other regulatory standards for EMC and EMI compatibility, radio frequency interference can be caused by other devices operating in the same electronic environment where Dextronix monitors are used. EMC and EMI caused interference problems are beyond the control of Dextronix and may temporarily or permanently reduce or prevent Dextronix Heart Monitoring products from functioning properly. In theses cases, please contact our tech support team for assistance. In cases, where the source of the interference cannot be identified or eliminated and all attempts to improve the situation has failed, customer may request to return the equipment in exchange for a refund or credit within the first month of purchase but not thereafter. Our team will assess and determine the remaining value of the returned items and negotiate a refund with the customer in good faith.

Customer installed software or insufficient hardware causing problems or preventing our monitors from functioning properly are usually easier to address and therefore exempt from returns. See warranty documents for details.

Wireless data transmission, connection and connectivity related issues and problems while operating within the wireless radio range of the system can also be caused by signal attenuation. Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, LTE-M radios operate in the ISM band and signal range can be drastically reduced by steel and concrete reinforcements in room and building walls but also water contained the patients body (e.g. the patient lays on top of the transmitter pressing the transmitter into the ground and therefore shielding the radio signal from their normal travel path). Such connectivity problems are beyond our control and not specific to our products but typical with any phone, tablet, computer using the same ISM band radios. In order to identify potential problems we are offering our customers demo units to test with live patients in their use environment to check out EMC and other above mentioned wireless connectivity problems.

In the event that a patient with a Dextronix ECG or monitor attached to the skin undergoes a surgical
procedure that requires the use of electrosurgical cautery or radiofrequency ablation, Dextronix recommends the following:

• Continuously monitor the patient’s cardiac rhythm during the procedure (i.e.,via ECG).
• Use only short bursts of electrocautery (one second or less).
• Electrocautery and radiofrequency ablation should not be performed within 15 cm (6 inches) of the ECG transmitter.
• The bipolar setting on the electrocautery equipment should be used, if available.
• The electrocautery ground pad should be placed on the same side of the patient that electrocautery will be performed.

WARNING: If the electrocautery procedure does not seem to work when initiated, do not increase power! Instead remove or relocate the transmitter do a different location and try again. If the electrocautery procedure does not work, the electricity circuit may go through the alligator clips (metal) or skin adhesive pads (contain metal) possibly causing severe burns to the patient! 
It is the sole responsibility of the operator to properly understand and safely apply electrocautery procedures.






Diagnostic Resting ECG

Holter and ICU Monitor with Lead cables

Holter and ICU Monitor Leadless Skin Patch with USB

Holter and ICU Monitor Leadless Skin Patch waterproof








CardioExplorer-TT and M

CardioExplorer-TT and M

CardioExplorer-TT and M












Yes, optional





12, 6, 3





3-Axis High Precision

3-Axis High Precision

3-Axis High Precision

3-Axis High Precision

















24 Hours, requires CardioExplorer upgrade

5 Days

3 Days

3 Days


18 Hours

48 Hours

12 Hours

12 Hours


500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz

150, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 Hz

150, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 Hz

150, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 Hz

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