Veterinary EKG | VET-ECG: Wireless Diagnostic Resting ECG System

Veterinary EKG | VET-ECG is an easy to use wireless 6-Lead and 12-Lead resting ECG system. The matchbox size transmitter simply connects to the lead electrode cables and these attach to the patient via soft, non-pinching alligator clips or our new chest-adapter. The transmitter records and sends all data via Bluetooth for live viewing to either a computer or mobile device where the ECG is saved. The recorded ECG can be easily edited, analyzed and shared with others. Bluetooth connectivity creates independence allowing the operator to control the recording device using their preferred mobile device or computer while keeping a safe distance from the patient’s claws and teeth.

The durable transmitter design is splash and shock proof and easy to clean. Separately, we offer a completely waterproof version for use in swimming pools in and under water for rehab or sea mammals. The cables are coax- shielded to improve signal quality and enforced for daily use in rough veterinary environments. The all-new chest adapter snaps into the transmitter eliminating the need for lead-cables deriving a high-quality, diagnostic 6-lead EKG.
In comparison with other systems used in animal health Veterinary EKG | VET-ECG offers an ideal mix of very miniaturized but rugged transmitter technology, professional medical diagnostic quality, most versatile wireless connectivity in combination with very easy to use but feature-rich software designed for Apple, Windows, Android tablets, phones and computers.
All recorded data can be easily shared with others for analysis via email or send to our and third-party cloud servers where customers can view, edit and backup ECGs or consolidate recordings from many users into one database (feature optional designed for larger clinics).
The built-in Lithium-Polymer battery records continuously for up to 18 hours when used as surgical monitor, 24 hours in Holter mode with CardioExplorer upgrade and several weeks between recharging when used for short, intermittent 30sec strips. Expected usable life is 7-10 years.

In addition to the standard viewer software using advanced algorithms and superior muscle and 50/60 Hz filters, automated analysis and interpretation module are available (requires upgrade). System can also be used as 24hr 3-channel Holter monitor with purchase of CardioExplorer software.

Dextronix VET ECG at Iditarod 2022

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CE-M with 10 patients

Dextronix- ICU Monitoring Software with ECG, HR, Breathing, Motion Activity

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DEXTRONIX - How to use our wireless diagnostic VET-ECG

In this video we explain how to setup and use the wireless VET-ECG monitor and use it with the software. VET-ECG is widely used by veterinary cardiologists and emergency doctors. The small recorder size and live- stream of 6 and 12 ECG- leads makes it an ideal companion for mobile and in- hospital users worldwide.

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 Apple MacOS


Windows 10, 11

Record highly-accurate ECGs

Advanced filters and built-in sensors warrant the recording of very precise, diagnostic resting ECGs in excellent quality. Normalized 6-Lead capture for cardiologists.

Super Small and Lightweight

Smallest and lightest 6 & 12 -channel ECG in the world. Fits in any pocket, always ready, perfect for mobile users.

Advanced Artifact Filters

Clever algorithms eliminate motion artifacts and background noise from muscle and computers delivering crisp and clear ECGs.

Integrate with AIS Antech Telemedicine Services

Smallest and lightest 6 & 12 -channel ECG in the world. Fits in any pocket, always ready, perfect for mobile users.

Event Marker Feature

Press any key to set an event marker anytime while recording. Edit marker text after the recording ended. Ideal when administering medications that change the HR.

Easy to Use

View, edit, print and share recordings with a single button press. Works on Windows, Apple, Android computers, phones and tablets.

Variable Lead Configuration

Works on very small birds, rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs, pigs, goats, anteaters, polar bears, horses, dolphins, whales and elephants. 6 or 12 lead cable, long or short, US or EAN color coding.

Sync your data for cloud backup and live viewieng

Upload ECG recordings while streaming to watch live inside a web browser window. Or sync ECG with server for backup. Share recordings with other professionals or your preferred telemedicine provider (Account required, additional charges may apply)