Nitinol Vena Cava Stent for IHPSS

DexStent-CV is a self-expanding laser-cut and polished stent system composed of a highly flexible Nitinol stent mounted on a coaxial delivery system. The stent is radiopaque for high visibility during fluoroscopy assuring precise stent positioning and is MRI compatible. This device is used in intrahepatic, portosystemic shunt procedures in small and very large dogs.

The radial strength and elasticity is optimized to match the radial compression forces that occur inside the vena cava and while comparable to competing models of other manufacturers we ensure that the radial forces are kept the same over all stent diameters, even it comes at the price of a larger delivery system for the large diameter stents. We decided that it is more important to keep the coils in position.

We currently do not offer coils because they are easier and more affordable to source from other manufacturers.

Vena Cava Stents

Closed or flexible cell structure

Enhanced biocompatibility

Stent deployment

 Post operation VD

 Post operational, lateral

Special Sizes

Size (mm)Delivery systemIntroducer
12 x 6080cm – 8FR8FR
14 x 10080cm – 8FR8FR
16 x 8080cm – 8FR8FR
18 x 8080cm – 10FR10FR
20 x 8080cm – 10FR10FR
22 x 8080cm -12 FR12FR
24 x 8080cm – 12FR12FR
26 x 8080cm – 12FR12FR
28 x 8080cm – 12FR12FR
30 x 10080cm – 12FR12FR
40 x 10080cm – 12FR12FR

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