About us

Dextronix creates affordable implantable medical devices for the exclusive use in veterinary medicine. The company’s initial focus is the treatment of heart disease in dogs with permanent implantable pacemaker systems. Dextronix also offers selected stent and catheter products to treat a variety of problems in cats and dogs.

Our products are designed to improve the health of companion animals and therefore enrich the lives of pets and their owners. Utilizing well-established technologies and quality standards from the human medical device industry assure our products are of the highest quality and reliability.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Dextronix is a privately- held company with business partners worldwide.

Why Dextronix?

Despite almost 200 million owned pets in the US only a small number of companies offer medical implantable devices for veterinary use. What is standard for humans is often not available for companion animals. This is about to change. Dextronix aims to fill this gap by providing the veterinary professionals with latest technologies for implantable products to improve the health of the animals we love.

The team of veterinarians and engineers behind Dextronix has profound experience in veterinary healthcare and the medical device manufacturing industry and our products are manufactured in the USA, Germany, France and Switzerland.