Telemetry ICU

Telemetry: The Bluetooth enabled VET-Scout heart monitors send all ECG signals from the patient into the hospital LAN network via our proprietary WAP-Access Point router in real time.  The software then displays the incoming ECG traces on multiple Monitors live and simultaneously. A maximum of 21 ECGs can be displayed simultaneously when choosing the advanced configuration; the standard configuration limits viewing to up to 6 live streams to enhance computer performance.
The software provides automated analysis of the incoming ECG stream with various programmable visual & audible alerts. Monitoring of patients in different locations inside the LAN network and via VPN/Internet from outside provides flexibility and safety for veterinary emergency and critical care unit operators.


VET-Scout can also connect via Bluetooth to a mobile device or BT equipped notebook computer for live online control when the patient has to be moved outside the normal range of the WAP access point telemetry.

For in-depth analysis of the recorded data, the data can be downloaded via USB to a Windows computer and send to an expert or colleague over the internet or uploaded to a secure cloud-server.
A trained operator using our advanced analysis software can analyse a 24 recording and create a full disclosure report within 20 minutes.

Please see the product data sheets for all programmable features and settings of our devices below.

Wireless Online Monitoring for Critical and Emergency Care / ICU

Dextronix VET-Scout monitors offer live ECG streaming for mobile users and in-hospital units. All patients can be monitored from one central display. Patients transported between locations (e.g. from surgery or ultrasound) stay connected using our mobile Apps while moving.

The system allows full network integration via WAP Access Point technology and optional Wi-Fi. For telemedicine providers we offer a server uplink (optional). The system is ideal for real-time patient animal supervision in critical care and emergency ICU units. A total of 6 or 21 patients can be monitored in parallel per platform. the transmitter is suitable for small and large animals and comes with easy to use monitoring software.

The Bluetooth radio technology offers a much better signal transmission quality, higher bandwidth and much fewer signal loss compared to conventional and now out-dated IR based telemetry systems.

CardioExplorer Software

Mon-6-Recorder Dextronix 2015-11-05 16.03.12 Dextronix 2015-11-12 10.28.26 Dextronix14.49.39

ICU Telemetry monitoring and Holter- Analysis Software
Patient database with report templates and automated Analysis functions
Supports Live-stream of up to 21 Recorders.
Supports additional external display monitors with 1 click button
Live display of ECG, HR and ST-Trend and Reference beats
Customizable diagnostic parameters for each patient individually
Full-disclosure of ECGs while streaming
Visual display of recorded Events and Alarms with audible Warnings
Adjustable Signal Capture Sensitivity for each Patient while streaming
Downloadable Holterand live-streamed Recordings for in-depth Analysis
Pre-classified beat categories with easy re-sorting and Analysis functions
HRV and ST-trend analysis with automated Graphics generator
Automated report Generator with templates for each user
Print formats support PDF and Windows Word. Easy to configure import/export functions

VET-Scout for ICU


Size: 61 x 37 x 18 mm (2.39 x 1.45 x 0.7”)
Weight: 42 g (1.5oz) incl. Li-Polymer battery for up to 48 hrs online monitoring,
3 day offline use as Holter
2 channel– 2- Lead capability, 150-500 Hz resolution
30, 60, 120cm electrode cables with 3 or 5 pole configuration, US or EAN coding
Bluetooth direct to Windows computer or LAN via WAP router
USB download (offline), 2GB internal memory
Water-resistant, shock proof
3D accelerometer, optional
SpO2 monitor, optional
Respiratory, optional
Body temperature, optional

WAP Access Point

IMG_6348s IMG_6352s
Proprietary Bluetooth to LAN router for Dextronix wireless heart monitors.
Use WAP7 to connect up to 6 recorders.
Use WAP21 to connect up to 21 recorders.
Automatically connect recorders in range, start monitoring with one-button click.
Access Point drastically increases signal range to cover entire buildings and outsides.
Range extender available to reach up to 1km for horse barns and large areas.


Please contact us at if you are interested in downloading the software for a free trial.