Wireless Digital Resting ECG Monitor with Bluetooth

Works on Apple OS, iPad, iPhone, Windows XP, 7,8 and Android

The Multi-ECG App can be downloaded for Apple iOS and Google Android compatible mobile devices

Each VET-ECG set includes one transmitter recorder, ECG electrode cable, USB cable and power charger.

VET-ECG is an easy to use wireless 3-Lead, 6-Lead and 12-Lead resting ECG system. The matchbox size transmitter simply connects to the electrode cables and these attach to the patient via special non-pinching clips. The recorder collects and immediately sends all data via Bluetooth for live viewing to either a computer or mobile device. The recorded ECG can be easily edited, analyzed and shared with others. Bluetooth connectivity creates independence allowing the operator to control the recording device using their preferred mobile device or computer while keeping a safe distance from the patient’s claws and teeth.

The durable recorder design is splash and shock proof and easy to clean. The cables are HDMI shielded to improve signal quality and enforced for daily use in rough veterinary environments.

In comparison to other systems for veterinary use the VET-ECG is the smallest recorder that works on both Windows PC and Apple OS computers. Mobile users appreciate the additional Google Android or Apple iPad/iPhone compatible Apps that connect to your preferred mobile device. All recorded data can be easily uploaded to desktop computer for analysis. The built-in Lithium-Polymer battery is specified for continuous recording for 24 hours before recharge and will last many years.

In addition to the standard VET-ECG software using advanced algorithms and superior muscle and 50/60 Hz filters a special (optional) Interpretation Module offers advanced analysis algorithms.

VET-ECG is ideal for mobile practitioners that travel light and in-hospital users interested in a technically very advanced resting ECG solution favored by many human cardiologists in Germany.

Besides the standard 6-Lead configuration, cardiologists will also like the 10-pole configuration for chest-lead measurements.

VET-ECG simplifies ECG recording, viewing, analysis, and makes report generation, and sharing thereof via email or printing very easy. Every system also includes wireless/cloud based data exchange and server up-link (requires activation) which seamlessly secures recordings within the hospital network or communicates with your or our experts helping you to analyze your patient.
It is the only ‘Made for Apple’ diagnostic multi-channel ECG currently available that offers mobile computing with Bluetooth connectivity. With the built-in Holter recorder function, it is a truly All-in-One system that includes real-time resting and exercise ECG, Holter, event monitor and telemetry in one recorder.

Would you like to test the VET-ECG on your patients?

Advantages of the wireless and digital VET-ECG System

  • All-In-One VET-ECG System

    Resting ECG, Holter and Online Monitor in one.  Small, matchbox sized recorder is perfect for use with cats, dogs and horses.

  • Instant and Real-time Monitoring

    Screen patients and instantly display and analyze results on your computer or mobile device. Conveniently monitor patients wirelessly at rest and during exercise from a safe distance.

  • Professional and Versatile

    View, analyze and share your results with your colleagues and clients. Use sophisticated software filters and display functions designed for Mac and PC or the ‘Certified made for Apple iPod-iPhone-iPad’ and Android App.

  • Clinical-Quality ECG

    Highly accurate 6-Lead Capability multi-channel ECG recorder with intregraded 3D high resolution accelerometer measures activity profile and enhances artifact detection.

  • Practical and Easy to Use

    Intuitive and easy to understand software features save you valuable time and ensure quick and reliable recordings. Splash proof and shock-proof recorder design with animal friendly electrode cables.

What Cardiologists have to say about VET-ECG:

“VET-ECG” is an efficient and easy-to-use system for every hospital or mobile clinic. The size of the ECG and it’s Bluetooth capabilities make it the perfect on-the-go device for quick diagnostic ECGs. The quality of the recordings are outstanding and the caliper measurement application is a great feature”

Dr. Brewer recorded over 400 ECGs in the first 6 months with VET-ECG.

“With the VET-ECG system I can easily record high quality, standardized ECGs in my patients on all of my Apple devices and instantly analyze and demonstrate the results for my clients.

Portable. Compact. Precise. The VET-ECG has all the capabilities of a large 12 lead electrocardiogram that typically requires a cart to move it briskly throughout the hospital. You can simply place the VET-ECG in your pocket. The unit uses Bluetooth technology to seamlessly connect with your laptop to display the electrocardiogram. The data can be easily placed into a PDF, printed and/or stored as part of the electronic medical record. This lightweight unit is rapidly becoming the new standard for portable 6-12 lead electrocardiography.

“The Dextronix wireless ECG is a very nice and easy to use system.  My clients are always impressed when they see the live ECG stream of their pets. And I find it very useful to be able to compare serial recordings on the same patient.”

“The ECG & Holter recorders are very durable and proofed usable in unusual environments. We are conducting studies on seals investigating their heart rhythm and heart rate variability during diving* and collected interesting results for our research”

(*extra precautions were taken to ensure system integrity)


“We love, love, love our VET-ECG system. It has greatly simplified obtaining, analyzing and storing ECG information in our busy cardiology group.”

I have been using the VET-ECG system for well over 500 cases now and am blown away by the ease of use, accuracy, and portability! The ECG quality is outstanding and measurements are ‘point and click’ precision. This system allows setting automatic or continuous recording periods, post-processing and selective lead viewing, and variable filters for artifact. With no effort, I have a digital ECG or exported PDF. Serial comparison of ECGs (lead by lead if desired) is easy. Every ECG is automatically saved without extra clicks. It works beautifully on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, polar bears, and ferrets! Clients are always fascinated that I get so much information out of such a tiny little unit.

I have the ability to carry the most advanced diagnostics and up to a 12 lead system in my pocket. I could not speak highly enough of this system and continue to enjoy using it on a daily basis!

How it works

VET-Scout and VET-ECG recorder send the ECG live stream wireless via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or computer.
The ECG signal trace can be viewed in real-time on your device or displayed on any other device connected to your computer via internet or internal network.
While VET-ECG data transmits all data via Bluetooth, VET-Scout requires a separate offline download via USB to enable Holter analysis because of the immense amount of data saved on its internal SD-card.

With the resting ECG software any recording can be viewed, analyzed, printed or emailed instantly and it takes minutes to create a professional report that can be shared with others.

The CardioExplorer software analyzes the ECG online and triggers alarms and can operate and live display up to 21 recorders in parallel.


photo 16 Electrode with Alligator clips Clips dont hurt2
VET-ECG works best with proven soft veterinary Alligator clips. We offer a variety of clips with and without banana plugs for use with our ECG systems or other applications, e.g. ultra-sound.

We tested several commercially available clips from different vendors and selected the ones you see here because we think they are really good. But feel free to use your own clips.. our clip-on electrodes will fit most standard clips in the industry.

Compare VET-ECG vs VET-Scout

  • Feature
  • Channels:
  • Accelerometer:
  • Battery: continuous recording
  • Online monitoring:
  • Resolution:
  • Dimensions
  • Application:
  • 12
  • 3D High Accuracy
  • 24 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 500-2000 Hz
  • 61 x 37 x 18 mm; 42g
  • Clinical diagnostic resting ECG
  • VET-Scout
  • 2 differential
  • n/a
  • 3 or 7 days
  • 48 or 96 hrs
  • 150 Hz
  • 61 x 37 x 18 mm; 42g
  • HOLTER, ICU Monitor