44 – 60 cm Active/Bipolar
44 – 70 cm Passive/Bipolar
Epicardial available Unipolar/Bipolar
Temp. Lead available Bipolar
Ext. IPG available Single/Dual

Please see the product data sheets for active and passive pacing leads below. Please contact us for the individual user manuals and technical description for each device.

Active Pacing Leads

Active Pacing Leads

Passive Pacing Lead

Passive Pacing Lead

Implantable Pacing Leads

Dextronix offers a variety of active and passive implantable pacing leads for use with the PetPacer pulse generator platform. They can also be combined with any other pacemaker system compatible with the IS-1 connector type.

Key features of Dextronix active fixation leads include a standard and a small profile body diameter of 4.8 French with Silicone or Polyurethane outer materials and a highly flexible tip and screw design. Selected models come with a special screw design featuring an additional mapping function for atraumatic fixation. All products have proven long-term reliability, display low thresholds and provide balanced sensing through the steroid eluting coating.

The key features of the Dextronix endocardial passive fixation leads include uniquely designed fixation tines for safe and easy fixation and maximum stability in the heart. The Dextronix passive fixation leads show low thresholds, excellent impedances and in combination of the Platinum/Iridium lead tip with the steroid elution guarantee superior biocompatibility for minimal post- operative inflammatory response.

Epicardial and temporary pacing leads are available upon request. Dextronix can also provide external single and dual chamber pacemakers. Please contact customer service for details.

Are the implantable pacing leads new and sterile?
Dextronix pacing leads all new and sterile. Each pacing lead set includes the necessary accessories to place/implant the lead (e.g. stylets etc.)

How can I check if a pacing lead is sterile?
Inside the blister packaging is a penny-sized round dot in one corner that will change color when sterility is compromised.
RED/PURPLE color indicates that the box content is not yet or not anymore sterile.
GREEN color indicates the content is sterile and good for implantation.
Make sure to look at the dot from the front side and not backside which is white.

Does Dextronix manufacture the pacing leads?
Dextronix pacing leads are manufactured by Oscor exclusively for Dextronix under private label. The system functions, features, performance and quality are identical to human pacing leads.

Can I use the Dextronix pacing leads with other than Dextronix pacemakers?
The pacing leads are compatible with any implantable pulse generator that has IS-I connection and therefore can be used with Biotronik, Medtronic, St.Jude Medical, Boston-Scientific, Sorin, etc.. (All modern leads and pacemakers have IS-I connectors). The pulse generator will automatically recognize the lead type and configuration.